Maintenance & Servicing

Maintaining & Servicing Your Alarm & CCTV

Maintaining and servicing your alarm and CCTV system will ensure the ongoing functionality, reliability, and effectiveness of your security systems. Regular maintenance and servicing help identify and address potential issues, ensure optimal performance, and extend the lifespan of your alarm and CCTV equipment.

Service and maintenance visit schedules:
• Commercial 6 months visits
• Residential 12 months visits

Key Maintenance & Servicing Points 


Routine Inspections

Schedule regular inspections to assess the condition of your alarm and
CCTV systems.


Testing and Calibration

Regularly test and calibrate your alarm and CCTV systems to ensure they are operating correctly. 


Cleaning and Maintenance

Clean and maintain your alarm and CCTV equipment to prevent dust accumulation, lens fogging, or obstruction of sensors. 


Firmware and Software Updates

Keep your alarm and CCTV systems up to date with the latest firmware and software releases. 


Documentation and Record-Keeping

Maintain thorough documentation of all servicing activities, including inspection reports, test results, repairs, and any equipment replacements. 


Scheduled Servicing Intervals

Determine the appropriate frequency for servicing based on factors such  as manufacturer recommendations, system usage, environmental conditions, and industry best practices. 

By implementing a comprehensive servicing plan, you can proactively address any issues, maintain the reliability of your security systems, and maximize their effectiveness in safeguarding your property.

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